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I cannot figure out how to change the duration of the random dot motion patch?  I would also like to be able to change the number of the dots and how large the dots are. Where are those settings?

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Motion duration is define by a duration of the parent event. You can change it in the event properties (click on the event to make it selected and check ‘Duration’ property). Most of the EventIDE elements stay active within the context of the parent event only.

Size of the moving dots is defined by ‘Dot Size’ property of the RDM Patch element. You can also change the dot shape by the corresponding property.

The number of dots is defined by ‘Dot Density’ property. It’s a log ratio value, in percentages. If you set 100%, the actual number of dots will be equal to the number of pixels in the RDM viewport, for instance [100px X 100px]=10000 dots. If the Dot Density is 10% in the same viewport you get 100 dots. Try to adjust the ‘Dot Density’, while checking the next property, ‘Dot Number’, which returns the actual dot number for  the current settings.  

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