VideoPlayer: Can one get the fully qualified pathname of linked video files?

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asked Oct 18, 2017 by anonymous
Dear All.

I am playing around with the video player element and am thinking about hoe to implement verbose detailed logging. Ideally I would like to be able to unambiguosly log which video file was played. In case of embedded videos one could argue that the material anme would be sufficient, but for linked video sources it seems prident to log the full name to the linked file. So is that possible and if yes, how do I achieve that?

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answered Oct 18, 2017 by Ilia Korjoukov (13,720 points)
selected Jan 11, 2018 by qandaadmin
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Linked videos store fully qualified file names internally, but there is no way currently to access it in the snippets. However, you can change the material name to a string that encodes the fully qualified file name somehow. You can not use the path characters in the material names but, for example, they can be replaced by underscores, like:


This material name can be then accessed in the snippets  by the 'Selected Item' property of the Video Player element.

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