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Imagine I have created a proxy hub associated to a property of two elements in my experiment. Then I create another one of these elements, and want to associate its property to the already-existing hub. When facing this situation, I have deleted the proxy hub and re-created it including all three elements. Is there a proper way of adding a new proxy to the already-existing hub? What about making that EventIDE creates automatically an appropriate proxy hub if I name a proxy variable with an already-existing name?

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This task is easy to accomplish. Go to the Proxy Variables panel (the second tab after the Property panel) and expand a hub proxy variable that you want to update. There will be a drop-down list of objects linked to that proxy variable. Then drag and drop a new object, e.g. element of the same type, to the list. You can also delete objects in this list and rearrange their order (the latter can be relevant to the proxy array variables). The only limitation is that a single proxy variable cannot be turned to hub proxy, and vice versa, by manipulating with the list. The hub and array proxy variable have to be created from the start.

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