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I have an experiment with events 1 and 2 in the root layer, and two child layers: one under Event 1 and another under Event 2. When I’m working in child layer 1 and want to go to do something in child layer 2, I click on the Layers & Flow editor, look for child layer 2 in the events layer tab on the left, and then go back to the main screen. Is there a simpler/quicker way to do this?

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There is a simpler way for navigation starting from the recent versions. Check an option in the Application Menu -> Preferences, called ‘Auto-expanding Layers’. If the option is true, a sublayer is automatically expanded, as you select the parent event. Thus, you can switch sub-layers using only the quick navigation bar (at the top right). The rightmost item will be always a sublayer (if exists) of the currently selected event in the Root layer.

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