mscorlib:index was out of range

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asked Feb 2, 2018 by samyrima (320 points)

I had an experiment running fine until I opened and tried to run it again. It would launch and then crash with this error:

Info 0.00 Experiment [Interocular attentional sampling V2] is starting

Info 0.00 The stimulus screen is started on the monitor 1

Info 0.00 Graphics is initialized in 2560x1080 mode. Monitor's refresh rate is 60 Hz.

Info 0.00 Status Screen is disabled for the full-screen mode, because the only monitor in the system is used for the stimulus screen.

Info 0.00 The real time priority is set successfully

Info 512.69 Idle check is successfully completed in:0 sec.

Info 6.73 Experiment is started

Error 519.22 mscorlib:Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

Error 519.22 Parameter name: index


Any idea whaty could be going wrong?

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answered Feb 2, 2018 by Ilia Korjoukov (13,720 points)
selected Feb 2, 2018 by qandaadmin
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Hi Samy,

We have already found this bug and will prepare a fix on Monday. Meanwhile, to avoid this bug, close the Header snippet editor before you start the experiment. It should help and sorry for inconvenience!

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