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We are trying to setup EventIDE for our experiment. We have a National Instruments board with 48 digital lines, and we need 32 for our experiment. However, it seems that the software will only allow us to 24 digital lines (8 per port, with 3 ports). Is it possible to update the NI driver to allow ports with up to 32 digital lines?

Thank you in advance.

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Dear Marco,

I presume that you use the PCIe -6259 board that has 3 digital ports: port0 (32 lines), port1 (8 lines), port2 (8 lines).  When you configure the NI Port element in Event and select the port0, you need also change the 'Pin Number' property from 8 to 32.

Then you will be able to write 32-bits values in that port via the 'Output Value' property. If you do not see the 'Pin Number' property on the NI Port element, you need to update EventIDE to one of the newest version. You can get the latest version on www.okazolab.com/download

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