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While I am conducting Simple Shape experiment, I need to insert an audio that will last from the Fixation screen to the Target screen or to the first
Fixation screen of the experiment to the End screen of the experiment, without looping audio every time, as I come back to Fixation screen. Another request is to insert visual stimuli around the screen to disturb participant. He has to respond when he see the target appears but he will see some stimuli that will divert his attention

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It's quite easy to make an audio clip being played during several successive events with the event layers. You need to embrace your visual events into one parent event, which is created on the top layer. The old events will be sequencing in the sub-layer of the 'parent' event. After that, you add a audio element, e.g. Wave Player, into the top event. As a result, an audio clip will be played over a whole sequence of the old events.

Regarding the second question, I can answer  better, if you give more details of your task. You probably need a sort of popup visual stimuli. For example, you can use several Renderer elements with randomized position and toggle their visibility by runtime code (by 'Is Visible' property)

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