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I want to make a neurofeedback experiment design so I need two events running at the same time.      One is used for show the real time EEG signal with some elements and another is a float event ,which is used for presenting the signal-controled stimulus to show to the participants in the extended screen like this in the video.

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EventIDE is naturally designed to work with 2 screens at the same time- one screen for participant (stimulus screen) and another for researcher (status screen).  Such screen configuration is very useful in neuro-feedback tasks, like one shown on your screenshot. To see an implementation example, you can open a demo task under Application Menu-> Demos-> Signal processing->'Simple neuro-feedback demo'.

Also, please feel free to contact us and arrange a free webinar. We will be glad to help you in designing your specific task.
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Thank you for answering my question. How can I connect you with a free webinar?Because there are several specific questions for my neurofeedback programs. I want to set an event (30s) for measuring the mean resting EEG signals with the Signal analyzer element. for the base line of feedback.In this element,I only set one proxy variable which  is the mean. In the second parent event,I want to set the main process for neurofeedback. So I reset a new single analyzer element and write the status screen for showing the graphs.In the snippet,I use the proxy variable baseline that is set in the first event's signal analyzer element.But it  always report bugs. So can you help me to fix this problem?
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Hi! I will send you an email with the info about the webinars.

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