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We have several Renderers with several stimulus files in each. We’d like to keep a close eye on which of these files we present, and the stimulus files are named in a certain way to facilitate this. Is there any way that we can call the file name when we render these files, instead of calling the Selected Index? If not, is there a way of linking systematically the filename to a given item index? For example ensuring that file “Image1” is Index 1, “Image2” is Index 2, etc.? At the moment the relationship is done alphabetically, and whilst we could move them all manually, we have a lot of stimuli, so calling the filename would be the best. Thanks, Charlie

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Hi Charlie,

It is possible to select a stimulus from Renderer’s list by its name. You can choose the active item (file) in Renderer element with the following code:


Note, that the item lists can contains duplicate names. If selection is done by name the first of the duplicates will be selected.

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