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In my random dot motion experiment, I'm capturing input from the mouse and I'd like to provide feedback about whether the correct mouse button was pressed. I have it set up on my keyboard such that "Z" and "Slash" are the correct keys for left and right respectively but I don't know what input names I should type in the condition list for the mouse. For example, might it it be "LMB" and "RMB" for left and right mouse button respectively or something else?

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Hi Zisheng,

For the Button element, the mouse and joysticks the buttons are normally called ’Button 1’, ‘Button 2’, etc. Note that you need to keep the capital letter and the space when checking the names in code.

You can actually see the correct button names in the drop-down editor for the ‘Monitored Button’ property of the Button element. The editor has the second tab with a list of all buttons on the selected input device (see below).

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