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I have a CRT monitor as the stimulus monitor for the moment (coupled with a lcd for the other part of the display). The frequency correctly says 85 Hz at initiation , then it becomes about 160 (photodiode) when running (so I suspect interlacing). Is there a way to change to lower freq so that there is no interlacing (although I am not quite sure it is a problem for the moment)?

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You can set any refresh rate for the stimulus monitor in EventIDE , if the value is supported by graphics card drivers and monitor itself. To adjust the refresh rate, open the 'Display Settings' dialog via the Experiment or Design ribbon tabs and enter the desired value in Hz:

If the entered value is not supported, an experiment runs anyway, at the default rate producing a warning in the error log. The refresh rate can be defined only for the full-screen run mode. Other run modes use the current Windows settings.

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