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asked Apr 13, 2016 by Charlie
We would like to have a view of the experimental screen on the status screen using view box. We have old programs that work well for this, but it doesn’t work with our new task. The only thing that has changed between old and new tasks is the proxy variable of Snapshot which was called “CurrentScreen” and is now called “SnapShot”.

When we use Radar Monitor element to show touch position, we see the touch position in the view box, but we can’t see the stimuli on the screen. Do you have any idea why this doesn’t work anymore? Has anything changed in the new version? Could it be related to the way we build our task (for example the different sublayers...)?

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answered Apr 13, 2016 by Maria Molodova (8,660 points)
selected Apr 13, 2016 by qandaadmin
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We introduced significant improvements in rendering speed for the screen cloning feature in the latest version, but it should not presumably affect the old experiments. Cloning visual surfaces of actual events is a resource-consuming process that can disrupt accurate timing. That’s why, by default, this feature is off in newly created events. To turn it on, select the event and set the Screen Cloning to True in the Properties panel (and in all events that you are interested to see on the status screen). When you have multiple layers, the Screen Cloning has to be True in the bottommost event, which is a top layer in a visual composition. I believe that his will be likely a solution for your problem.

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