How to record the overall trial number

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asked Jun 15, 2016 by Ilhame

In my experiment, I use the Condition List element for randomization. I created a proxy variable linked to the 'Trial Number' property. The trial number is recorded by Reporter but, when I check it in the data report, the value gets reset to 1 after a trial block. How can I get the overall trial number across all blocks?

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answered Jun 15, 2016 by Ilia Korjoukov (13,720 points)
selected Jul 19, 2016 by qandaadmin
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Hi there,

You can create a proxy to another property of the Condition List element, called 'Total Trial Number'. It returns the incremental trial number across all blocks, from the beginning of an experiment. Then, just record it in your data report instead or aside of the trial number within a block.

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