EventIDE storage limit and issues with downloading all stored data

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asked Jan 7, 2017 by Isaac
edited Mar 20, 2017 by qandaadmin
Hi all,

With regards to my first question, I've noticed some of my data (from August 2016) is no longer stored on EventIDE. Is this retrievable? It's not an issue as I downloaded this data previously, but I am curious for future reference.

My second question is prompted by my attempt to download all and subsequently open all my experiment runs. I converted the data files to Excel, however this results in unintelligible text for the most part (which is in contrast to when I download the files individually). Is there something that can be done about this? Thanks for your time.

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answered Jan 8, 2017 by Ilia Korjoukov (13,720 points)
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Isaac hi,

By design, EventIDE preserves all collected data reports but annually suggests to clean up them in the pop-up dialog box. Could it be that you choose to cleanup the data reports at some moment? In this case, all data report were deleted save for these, which are manually locked in the Runs History window.  

Another opportunity is a corruption of the run history records. Then, you may be able to old data report files, despite that they are not listed in the runs history. Go to the C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Local\EventIDE\Reports folder and check dates of files. If you find unlisted data reports, you may need to convert them into the plain text format. Use the tool under this link for conversion:


Using the tool is very straightforward, just run it and select the data report files that you need to convert.

Regarding the batch conversion of multiple data reports into the Excel, I would like to ask you more details on how do you do it exactly? If you try to open the data report files in Excel, it may fail because Excel does not recognize the original data report format. You should try it again with files converted by the above tool or use the exporting option (the button with a blue lorry) in the Runs History window.

Best regards,

commented Jan 15, 2017 by Isaac (100 points)
Hi Ilia,

Thanks for your response.

I am actually given a clean-up notification every 30 days - is there a way to change this? I am quite certain I have not completed a clean-up to date. As I said, I saved these earlier data files, so it's not problematic.

Firstly. I open the runs history window and subsequently open a local folder with raw data report files (folder icon) for batch conversions. The conversion tool works, thank you! Is there a way to set it to replace (rather than create an intelligible duplicate for) the previous file?


Best wishes,

commented Jan 16, 2017 by Ilia Korjoukov (13,720 points)
Isaac hi,

You can disable the clean-up notifications totally. Go to Application Menu->Preferences and set 'Cleanup Period (days)' to 0. The notifications will be gone but you can still clean up the history manually, via the Runs History dialog. Note also that there you can lock up selected records to prevent them from any clean-up, intentional or incidental.

The replacement of the data report files would not work, unfortunately. The data reports are stored in a special binary format (non-readable), so plain text files (obtained after converting or exporting) can be accessed by Runs History database. I would recommend to always export all important data reports and store them separately, e.g. on a different PC. In this case, you will have readable data files and their binary backups in the Runs History.

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