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I am having some issues with the video player and the "Add video links" option in the library. If I choose to add a link to an external video, then the video won't be played properly: I get a static image of my video. On the other hand, if I upload the video ("upload material" option) in EventIDE, I have no problem playing the video. I tried on different computers, with different versions of EventIDE (the last one as well), and tried to change the location of the videos folder but nothing helped. Is there anything I should check or do to solve the problem?  

Thank you!

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hi again,

Thanks for sharing the file! The problem turned to be a quite easy case. The original name of the video file, 3Dmotion_CDOT_30hz_Fs1Hz_15%_3TR_NEW.avi, contains the special '%' character. While it's all right for the file system, the video encoder in EventIDE fails in reading such link. In contrast, if you export the same file to the Material Library, the file is automatically renamed by EventIDE and the '%' character is removed.

To solve this problem, you can rename the original file manually, e.g. to  3Dmotion_CDOT_30hz_Fs1Hz_15per_3TR_NEW.avi. Then will work as a video link.
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Great! It now works perfectly. Thank you!
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Can you send me the video file (via Dropbox) such that I could quickly test it here? Please use my email i.korjoukov@okazolab.com

Thank you in advance!

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